Website Design

webdesignWe love the number 4 here. Maybe because it's soundalike is part of the phrase "we're working for you"! That’s probably why we came up with a simple four-step process to winning the battle of the “I need a website, but don't know what to do” blues.


We talk to you, ask lots of questions, learn what you are trying to accomplish with your site, your objectives etc. Then we lock ourselves in a small cramped room with a super high powered energy drink and think, and think, and you guessed it, we think some more.

Design Phase

After we exit the above mentioned small cramped room with a direction, we design. We show you an idea which we then hone to perfection based on your input.

Development & Testing

Once the design is finalized, we create. We host the site on our development servers for you to take a test drive. Content you provide is integrated into the site and any tweaks are made. Once everyone is happy…


Your server or ours? We backup your site from our development server and restore it to your current host or even better, on Betonicah’s rock-solid hosting. Click here to find out more about quality web hosting.

We can also take care of all the littles things for you as well, such as domain name registration, hosting, preparing your logo for the web, product/staff photogrpahy, whatever we have to do to make this experience as smooth and painless as possible for you. Just remember, make sure that whomever you have working for you that any domain name you register is in your name with your email as the administrative contact on file (see my blog on this).

Maybe you already have a website or need more functionality? A redesign or a custom web application? We can talk about what you need and how best to implement your ideas. Here’s how.


Some kind words about us...

We have employed the services of Betonicah for over nine years, for a variety of services. They have filmed and produced DVD’s for us, they designed and manage our website, they assemble our magazine monthly and perform many other services. We get compliments from all over the world on the presentation of our material, thanks to the people at Betonicah. They are extremely creative and their suggestions to us have been invaluable. Above all, their business ethics are above reproach.

Brooks Alden