Langley, BC Canada

hostingYour webhost is the most critical component of your online presence. Without it, well, you wouldn’t have an online presence and with a poor host, you are not really any better off.

With blazing fast performance, Betonicah’s servers are managed 24/7/365 and run by the best of the best in the CMS world. Our hosting platform is heavily performance tuned for hosting virtually any PHP / MySQL powered application.

Unlike “budget” hosts, our servers are not overcrowded nor are server loads ignored. Most web hosts utilize slower SATA hard disks but we use the fastest and most reliable 15,000 RPM Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) disks from Seagate. A minimum of six 15K SAS hard disks are configured to form a RAID10 array with a seventh hot-spare disk ready to take over immediately if any disk should fail.

While SATA hard disks offer a lower cost storage solution and are fine for some needs, when it comes to hosting dynamic applications like Joomla, Drupal or WordPress that depend on fast MySQL database queries and fast PHP rendering times, our storage platform provides an unbeatable solution. Ensuring you are utilizing the fastest storage when it comes to hosting dynamic applications is extremely important.

Twice Daily Backups

You read that correctly, two times each day, your data (including site files, email and databases) is backed up to an off-server location by the Rochen Vault Managed Backup service. Your backups are retained for a period of up to a month. Restore any file from the past thirty days, quickly, easily and securely.

Try us, if you are not completely happy, we’ll help you move to a host of your choice. Contact Us for more information and pricing.