How to Clear the Cache in your Web Browser

by Tony Allen, Project Manager

Illustration of computer cookies and cache

What is cache?

Clearing the cache and cookies from your web browser is the important first-step for almost any online problem you are experiencing. Browser cache is a technology used by most popular web browsers to save visited website’s data on a user’s computer. This allows the browser to quickly display a webpage on your next visit.

Think of your browser cache like a shortcut. Instead of having to download all the files from a website every time you visit, your browser can just use the files it has already downloaded. This makes your browsing experience faster and more efficient.

However, sometimes the files in your cache can become corrupted and cause problems. Clearing your cache will force your browser to download new copies of the files it needs to display a webpage properly.

How can I clear my cache?

The first step is to identify which web browser you are using. The most popular web browsers are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Apple Safari. Each browser has a different way to clear the cache.

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