Netflix UIpdate Your Details

Netflix Email Scam – Updating Payment Details

Who doesn’t love the ability to binge watch their favourite show? 8 seasons of The Office (the ninth season is almost unwatchable except for snippets of brilliance from Dwight and the final episode), six seasons of Brooklyn Nine Nine etc…

So you would be excused if you got nervous receiving an email from Netflix telling you your payment details are incorrect. But hang on, the email provides a convenient link to a page where I can update my payment information easily, excellent!

Of course it is a fraudulent link, we all knew that right? It is so easy to make an email, or website or web form look like it is real that we need to look past the aesthetics and check out where the link actually leads us. Hovering (NOT clicking) our mouse over a link in an email or website should show us the real URL (web address). It will most likely look very long, convoluted and may even contain a word associated with the particular scam.

If you want to double check your payment info or any other details, the best practice is to open a browser window and type in the we address or use a Favourite, Bookmark or shortcut you know works.

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