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Stay Safe and Avoid Online Scams

Stay Safe and Avoid Online Scams

Posted on Sep 23, 2022

Good Morning All,

This is a reminder for all of us on these first days of Autumn to ensure you keep yourself and others safe online. So please pass this on to whomever you think may benefit from it.

Legitimate companies and government agencies such as Microsoft, CRA, IRS, Google, Apple, Facebook or Any Real Tech Support Company WILL NEVER, EVER proactively tell you there is a problem on your computer, they will NEVER offer to help via a support phone number and they have absolutely ZERO idea of who you are and what you may or may not have searched for, looked at, thought about or googled on your computer.

If your computer becomes unresponsive due to a warning that you have been hi-jacked and your computer has been locked until you call them, DON’T CALL.

The pop ups or malware you may have inadvertently installed on your computer are designed to shock and scare you into making rash decisions without thinking things through. They use flashing colours, scary sounds, big fonts with tech-y sounding words designed to catch you off guard and make calling the phone number supplied in a big bold font seem like the only solution.

These are all scams designed to extort money from you plain and simple.

So what to do? First, take a breath, relax and don’t panic, nothing that can’t be reversed has happened yet. Just turn off your desktop computer by pulling the power plug or on your laptop by pressing and holding the power button for 20-30 seconds. Don’t close any programs, don’t click any buttons, don’t try to "End Task", just power it off. Yes, you may lose that Word document you had been working on, but the alternative is much worse.

Then call me and we’ll get it fixed up. Stay safe out there!