Technology Problems?

Computer frozen? Think you have malware? Need an upgrade?
Don't call that FAKE Microsoft number flashing on your screen...

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SOS Tech Services

Remote Services

If your computer has access to the internet, we can remotely install software or fix the computer problems you may have, spyware, printer/scanner install, driver issues etc. Using our remote SOS service, we can safely and securely log into your computer with your permission.

Drop Off Services

Spyware got your computer offline? Need a bigger hard drive or faster SSD? Contact us to arrange drop off of your laptop (with power cord) or desktop computer. We are located in the Cloverdale area of Surrey.

Computer Tech Support
On Site Service

On Site Services

Well, due to the awesomeness of 2020 spilling over into 2021, we aren’t doing any on-site work. But, most issues can be fixed remotely using our SOS service or we can help with a phone call possibly.

Thanks Covid… Not!

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