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Overwhelmed by in-person tours and in need of a website for their historic venue, Willoughby Community Hall reached out to us to craft a stunning website that would solve their problems. We quickly got to work designing a beautiful website that matched their brand and filming a professional video tour for prospective renters.

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Willoughby Community Hall
May 17, 2024
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Willoughby Community Hall, a historic venue in Langley, approached us for assistance in developing a website. They needed a platform that could effectively showcase their hall, clearly outline rules and procedures, host necessary forms, and accept rental booking requests. They emphasized how in-person tours and repeatedly answering the same questions were draining their staff's time and resources. With these challenges in mind, we set out to create a user-friendly and visually appealing website, featuring a professional in-house video tour to make the rental process more efficient.

We designed the website using the hall's logo colors to ensure a cohesive and professional appearance. The site includes an FAQ page and an embedded Google calendar, making it easy for potential renters to check availability and understand the rules. We also produced a video tour that showcases the hall’s features and amenities, reducing the need for excessive in-person tours. The client was thrilled with the outcome. After the launch, the website quickly began to attract significant organic local traffic and numerous booking inquiries, effectively meeting the hall's needs and expectations.

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