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Coast Mailing Ltd. is a well-established direct mail marketing company with almost 50 years of experience. They offer a variety of professional mail services, including mail merging, laser printing, envelope inserting, and more.

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Coast Mailing Services Ltd.
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The Objective

Coast Mailing Services Ltd., a prominent mailing and logistics company, approached our team with the objective of creating a brochure website to effectively advertise their services to businesses. They recognized the need to enhance their online presence and attract potential clients. The key requirements included the implementation of a contact form to facilitate communication, a complex quote form for clients to submit detailed information, and a robust maintenance plan to ensure the website's optimal performance.

Our Strategy

Our team embarked on a strategic approach to address Coast Mailing Services' objectives. We designed a visually appealing brochure website with a clean and professional layout, effectively highlighting the company's services and expertise. The website's design incorporated engaging visuals and compelling content to captivate potential clients.

To facilitate communication, we implemented a user-friendly contact form that allowed visitors to easily reach out to Coast Mailing Services for inquiries or requests. Additionally, we developed a complex quote form that enabled clients to submit detailed information about their mailing requirements, including volume, destinations, and additional services needed. This allowed Coast Mailing Services to provide accurate quotes tailored to each client's specific needs.

Recognizing the importance of website maintenance, we established a comprehensive plan to maintain, update, test, and back up the website. Regular maintenance tasks were performed to address any potential issues or bugs promptly. Updates were implemented to keep the website content and functionality up to date. Rigorous testing procedures were conducted to ensure optimal performance and user experience. Routine backups were scheduled to safeguard data and protect against potential disruptions or data loss.

The Results

The brochure website for Coast Mailing Services Ltd. yielded significant positive outcomes. The visually appealing design and engaging content effectively showcased the company's services, attracting the attention of potential clients. The user-friendly contact form facilitated seamless communication, resulting in an increase in inquiries and potential leads. The complex quote form streamlined the quote request process, allowing clients to submit detailed information accurately and efficiently, leading to improved conversion rates.

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