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The Willoughby Community Hall is a cherished landmark situated on the 8300 block of 208th Street, Langley, British Columbia. Since its construction in 1937, the hall has played a vital role in the community, serving as a hub of rich history and a gathering place for various events.

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Willoughby Community Hall
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Project Background

Willoughby Community Hall sought our assistance to establish their online presence by building them a website. Through close collaboration, we were able to discover their key issues: a lack of local discoverability and volunteers overwhelmed with repetitive questions and physical tours of the hall. These issues not only strained resources but also hindered growth. Having identified the key problems, we set to work crafting a solution to help.

Our Solution

In order to address the problems we just outlined, we got to work designing an information-rich, user-friendly website for the hall. The website had to accomplish three main goals to be considered a project success. It had to reduce the workload and stress from the volunteers, showcase the hall and its heritage and increase local discoverability.

Our assessment led us to identify several key features for the website. It needed to have an FAQ section to tackle the common repeat questions, a live virtual calendar to display hall availability, and a straightforward "Get Started" page, simplifying the rental process. We also saw great value in including a virtual video tour, giving potential customers a glimpse of the hall's amenities and charm without having to book an immediate in-person tour.

Design and Development

With a clear plan and set of objectives in mind, we quickly got to work building the website. Using the existing brand identity and logo, we built a user-friendly website with a modern design while still maintaining that warm vintage feel. The structure of the site is as follows:

  • Home Page: A welcoming landing page with a looping video of the hall's exterior and a contact form for inquiries.
  • Get Started Page: A one-stop resource for potential renters featuring all necessary information, forms, and a step-by-step guide to the rental process.
  • Availability Page: A real-time calendar displaying the hall's booking status, seamlessly integrated with Google Calendar for effortless staff updates an cost-effectivness.
  • The Venue Page: A comprehensive showcase of the venue amenities, enhanced by interactive 360-degree images for an immersive virtual tour.
  • FAQ Page: A collection of the most frequently asked questions, designed to alleviate the burden of repetitive inquiries on staff.
  • Our History Page: A curated narrative of the hall's rich history and its community impact, sourced from local heritage archives.
  • Contact Page: A straightforward point of contact, featuring a form, a map, and the hall's physical address, making it easy for visitors to reach out or find the venue.

Video Tour

Crafting a professionally narrated video tour was a pivotal part of this project. From brainstorming storyboards, to writing scripts with client input, producing the narration, filming on-site, and finally, editing the footage, our team handled it all. The end product? An immersive video tour that digitally guides visitors through the hall, right there on the website. This not only lightened the load of staff-led tours but also lets all potential clients get a glimpse of the hall. It's a fantastic marketing tool.

SEO & Discoverability

While our primary goal was to create a comprehensive and visually appealing website, accessibility and discoverability was also a critical aspect. We implemented a robust SEO strategy, optimising keywords, meta-tags, and ensuring a mobile-friendly site, enhancing the hall's online visibility. Our efforts were particularly concentrated on ensuring that people in the local area could easily discover Willoughby Community Hall in their online searches.

The Results

Our solution seamlessly bridged the timeless allure of Willoughby Community Hall's vintage charm with the modern conveniences of today. Through the creation of a beautifully designed website packed with relevant information and an engaging video tour, we successfully alleviated the burden on the hall staff by eliminating repetitive inquiries and reducing the need for physical tours. Now, anyone in the community can easily find the hall and effortlessly navigate the rental process. Our solution has significantly improved efficiency while fostering stronger connections within the community.

In conclusion, this project exemplifies Betonicah's unwavering commitment to crafting customised web solutions that boost operational efficiency, drive user engagement, and honour the unique identities and needs of our clients. It also showcases our diverse range of skills, including web design, video production, and content creation, all aimed at delivering outstanding results for businesses like yours.

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